The Band

Irmãos Esferovite (Styrofoam Brothers) are a family of clowns crossing music, humour and circus. Interaction with the spectators is one of their major strategies for amusement. A trio of clowns that will surprise their audiences with juggling, equilibristics, acrobatics and a music repertoire from original compositions to versions which relate to cartoons and circus.

The irmãos esferovite’s show is unique and unrepeatable moment. In the street the presentations are designed according to the environment, space and architecture. The humor comes together to the music and circus. A flurry of emotions.

Art direction | Pedro Correia
Clowns | André Lima – guitarra, melódica, kazoo; Luís Almeida – percussão, melódica;  Pedro Correia – buzinas, gaitas, apitos, malabarismos e …
Video of the show – Filipe Larangeira
Light designer | Paulo Brites – halO
Photography| Ana Pereira
Illustration | Filipe Larangeira  e Catalina Chirila
Promocional vídeo | Filipe Larangeira e Paulo Pinto
Production | Nuvem Voadora associação cultural